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Steve Wilson, Owner Gunsmith/Gunmaker
Medically Retired from US Air Force, Gunsmith/Gunmaker over 27 years,
Life member of NRA

About Wenaha Custom Firearms
     We have been established since 1986 after being medically retired from the U.S. Air Force I began an education of gunsmithing and custom gunmaking that lasts up thru today. Thru the literature of the NRA school of Gunsmithing programs and Modern Firearm School of Gunsmithing books I had begun the base of learning and practicing. Then I fell into what can only be described as "gunmakers row". My first mentor was Jack Moody who is famous for 1911 custom work. Jack had built the weapons that took the U.S. Army Combat Olympic team to its win in Germany. Jack had apprenticed directly under Bob West from San Antonio Tx. Bob West is of course the originator of the custom 1911 craze. I was lucky enough to have been taught the methods from the "old school" mentors so true quality and performance is made into each weapon that leaves our shop. 
After my apprenticeship with Jack, I had began my general repair and custom work and moved to the Walla Walla, Wa. area. I developed a professional and busy shop there for over 25 years. There I had another stroke of fortune as I met and apprenticed with famous Gunmaker, Pete Grisel. Pete was one of the originators of the Gunmakers Guild, establishing criteria that is in place today for gunmakers to meet to become members. I have apprenticed with Pete for about 10yrs and have learned the trade from best. From making stocks directly from a block of wood using the mill and hand chisels that we made ourselves, to learing the dynamics of metal and how it works and colors. I have earned the distinction of being allowed to use Pete's methods, criteria, and his name to enhance my business. 
So from the general repair to building the complete custom gun from wood, or synthetic we put many years of knowledge, experience and trust into each weapon we work on. Our shop motto is "When Precision and Accuracy Matter". When this becomes a need for you then contact us as we are truely a precision shop, that builds the weapon to your desires with true craftmanship. Most all the other shops have mechanics that Pete calls "Blacksmiths" and wouldn't know quality if it hit them in the ass".When you have the talent, integrity, and complete attention to detail that Pete Grisel has he certainly earns the right to label these gunsmith shops, so to be able to carry on with his backing is quite an earned honor. 

Wenaha Custom Firearms is family-owned and operated right here in Deer Park, Wa. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a , personal touch. 

Steve Wilson
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